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Character Map is a small program used to insert special characters (possibly in special fonts) into any sort of document. It copies to the Windows Clipboard, and you can then paste the characters from the clipboard into Word, Publisher, or whatever.

Run Character Map and a window will appear, with a set of symbols in squares. Some of them may resemble letters, depending what font it is displaying. Click on one of them and Character Map will show it larger.

Up the top left will be a menu with "Font:" beside it. Click on the arrow by this menu and choose a different font. If you choose a symbol font such as Wingdings you will see a set of symbols, otherwise you will see some letters and a few special characters, such as ¶.

Double click on a few symbols and then click on "Copy". This copies the character(s) to the clipboard. You can then paste the character(s) into another program such as Word.

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