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Angles can be confusing when you first meet them. Here are some interactive webpages to explore ideas of angles. Some of them come from the Simple Maths index.

Introductions to anglesDegrees
Star Turn - Quarter turns, half turns, etc.

Fly the plane - Navigate the plane

Robot painter - Tell the robot where to paint

Right Angles Game - Will things stand up or fall down?

Boats and Ships - Recognise acute and obtuse angles

Draw Shapes - polygons and stars

Shapes - More complicated version of Draw Shapes

Draw Shapes game - name polygons

Shapes inside a circle

Angles - See what an angle looks like

Torch Game - Guess the angle

Fractal tree - Draw a tree

Cannon - Adjust the angle and fire the cannon

Simple Logo - Make a pattern using simple commands as used to program a turtle

American football - Passing the ball using angles

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