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Simple Number Skills

These are extremely simple interactive pages to practise Maths and computer skills for young children. Click on buttons (the right buttons!) and something happens...

The numbers pages have been kept deliberately uncluttered to help the children using them. Click here if you can't work out how to use them.

Recognise numbers (10-99)
Visualise a number - helicopters
Choose tens or units - planes
Count different objects
One car more/less - cars
Numbers 14-20 - blocks

Tens and units
How many tens? - trains
Tens and units - children - tens, then units
How many children? - enter number
How many bees? - buttons (wide choice)
How manycars ? - buttons (narrow choice)
How many ships? - sum shown, enter number

Two times table
Up to 2x6 - ladybird
Up to 2x10 - bus

Simple addition - children
Addition - any part of sum

Do simple sums against time
Right angle game - Introduction to angles
Star turn - Introduction to quarter turn, half turn, etc.
Fly the Plane - Navigate the plane
Robot painter - Tell the robot where to paint
Shapes - Watch them being drawn
Identify Shapes - How many sides?

Rocket - Land a rocket on a planet
Train layout - Left and right (or just enjoy the train!)
Small train - for those with a smaller screen
Make a snowflake - Symmetry (or just make a pretty pattern!)
Catch - See if you can catch the little man
Caterpillar - Make the caterpillar eat the leaves (buttons)
Caterpillar 2 - Make the caterpillar eat the leaves (click on leaf)
Digger - Shift that earth!
Make a mosaic
Mixing paint colours
Maze game with one way paths
Robot alphabet - type a letter to change the robot