Clock Patience

     Number of cycles: 1

This is a simple game, with no decision making at all! The cards are laid out in like a clock face plus a pile in the centre, with 4 cards in each pile.

Click on any card to start. (Traditionally you click on the centre pile, but you don't have to). This will turn up the top card. Now click (not click-and-drag) on the pile where it should go. The numbers go where they would on a clock face, with the jacks (or knaves) being eleven, the queens twelve, and the kings in the centre. The card will be slotted under its pile, and the top one of the pile turned up. Now click where that should go, and so on. Sometimes a card will go on the same pile, so you need to click on it to slot it underneath.

Eventually there are no cards left to turn up and you have completed one cycle. If all cards are now on their correct piles, then you've finished. If there still some turned down, click on one to start another cycle.

The cards are based on an antique pack of cards. In Britain, solitary games of cards like this are called Patience, not Solitaire, and cards come in packs, not decks.

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