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Here are some games which you can play on your computer. Some are educational, and some just for fun. All are free, with no adverts, no downloads, no popups, and with no hidden agenda except to provide some fun (and maybe a little education). Use the Back button to return to this page.


Find the treasure
Train layout
Design a track then watch the train
Small version Train layout
for those with smaller screens
Large version Train layout
for those with large screens
Catch the man!
A quick and silly game!
The Caterpillar
Make it eat all the leaves
The Digger
Shift that earth!
Mixing colours
A simpler version of the colour combiner
Make a mosaic (simple)
Make your own picture out of different coloured squares
Robot alphabet
Type a letter to make the robot change


Bounce game
Word game
Covid match 3 game
Bubble pop game
Chess moves game
Make words from letters
Rectangle corners game
Reflect and rotate game
Pin Down game
Coded quotes game
Silly chess game
American Football


Maze games
An interactive maze with one-way paths, and a mouse running through a maze.
Solitaire board game
A traditional game with pegs in holes. Different layouts and solutions. You can even design your own layout.
Gaps patience
A card solitaire game, different from the normal computer solitaires.
Scorpion patience
Another card solitaire game.
Large version of Scorpion
Kings patience
A simple card solitaire game with little decision making.
Clock patience
An even simpler card solitaire game with no decision making.
Roman Merels
For 2 people. A simple version of Nine Men's Morris.
Roman Tabula
Another Roman board game for 2 people. A simple version of Backgammon.
Make a mosaic
Use square or triangular tiles. Examples to copy if you can't think of your own.
Make a snowflake pattern
Part of the symmetry pages but you don't need to know the theory.
Make a maze
Why solve other people's mazes when you can make your own. It's easier than you think.
Land a rocket on a planet
This type of game was one of the earliest computer games. This version has different gravity for different plants.
Logical puzzles
To make you think!


Draw fun lines
Scribble a line with various effects
Fun threads
Make "thread" pictures
Joining various points round a circle
Draw a picture with various symmetries
Colour in regular tessellations
Draw irregular tessellations


Typing practice
Brush up your typing skills.
Practise sums
Timed addition, subtraction, multiplication and division practise. Choose your own ability level.
Map games
Learn all the countries of the world a bit at a time. Plus American states, English counties, important rivers.
Food chain simulation
Lions eat antelopes who eat grass. Which will run out first?
Make an electric circuit online
Make light bulbs light up
Combine colour online
light (additive), paint (subtractive)
Make symmetrical patterns
Explore ideas of symmetry, or just make pretty patterns.
Make tessellations
Make striking repetitive patterns very quickly
Very simple programming language. Learn to program a computer. You can write a program to do something fun and test it online very quickly. Example programs given for simple and more complicated ideas.
General knowledge quizes
Elements and their symbols, countries and their capitals
Shakespearean quotations
Reconstruct well known Shakespearian quotes.

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