Gaps Patience


An entire pack of cards is laid out, with the aces removed to make gaps. You are trying to get all the suits in order, with the kings on the left (the order of the suits doesn't matter). You move a card into a gap by clicking on the card, then clicking on the gap. The card must follow the card before the gap, e.g. if you have a nine of diamonds followed by a gap, you can move the eight of diamonds in there. You can move any king into a gap in the first position in a row. Nothing can follow a two. Once you are stuck, click on 'Next deal'. This will clear all unordered cards, shuffle them, and redeal them. You continue playing. The original game allows three deals in all, but this webpage will allow as many as you want. If you want to see how well you are doing, at any point you can click on 'Clear cards'. This will remove unordered cards. After you have finished admiring the ordered cards, click on 'Replace cards' to get the unordered cards back in their original order. This is not the next deal.
The cards are based on an antique pack of cards. In Britain, solitary games of cards like this are called Patience, not Solitaire, and cards come in packs, not decks.

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