Kings Patience

Cards in each pile:

Total cards in piles:

Cards in pack:

A pack of cards is shuffled. The top four cards are laid out (see above). If there are two cards of the same suit, you can discard (throw away) the lower. You do this by clicking on it. Ace is low. The number cards are in order, and then the court cards: jack (or knave), queen, king. Carry on discarding until all visible cards are of different suits. Then click on the button 4 more cards, which will, indeed, lay out four more cards on top on the existing ones. You can see a count of the number of cards in each pile. Discard lower cards as before.

When discarding a card, you may reveal a lower card, or if you have discarded enough, you may have a gap. You can move any visible card into the gap by clicking on it.

The idea is to end up with just four cards. These will be the four highest cards - the four kings. However, this is rare, as this is a fairly difficult patience to get out.

The cards are based on an antique pack of cards. In Britain, solitary games of cards like this are called Patience, not Solitaire, and cards come in packs, not decks.

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