Roman board game - Merels

This is a game for two people. The aim is to get your three counters in a straight line. This means that you must have the central position, since a curved line round the edge does not count.

There are two stages to this game. First, take it in turns to place your counters anywhere on the board. Red starts, so just click on the board to place the counter. The computer will alternate the colours for you.

Once all counters are on the board, then take it in turns to move a counter. You can move either along a straight line, or along the curved edge. Obviously you can only move into a gap, and you can only move to the next position. First click on the counter you wish to move, then click where you wish it to go.

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This game is a simple version of Merels (Nine Mens Morris). I found it at
Segedunum - Roman fort at Wallsend, Newcastle

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