Letter from Margaret Geddes to her mother

This is written by Margaret Geddes to her mother, Marion Geddes (née Faulds). Margaret was the only daughter of Adam Gordon Geddes. This is a copy of a copy so the copyists may have made mistakes. Apologies for any of mine.

Letter from Margaret Geddes (aged 18) to her mother, while on holiday

Envelope adressed: "Mrs. Geddes, 7 Henderson Row, Edinburgh" cancelled stamp.
Reverse: Flap of envelope embossed in oval "Registered July 31 1845 No. 507".
Two postmarks: Dunbar Au 24 1847" and superimposed "Aug G 25 M 1847".
Contents: a Half-sheet roughly torn off, written in pencil.

St George's Inn, Dunbar, 24 Aug 1847

My dear Mamma,

You will no doubt be surprised to see the date of this letter but we have all come to spend the day and are enjoying ourselves very much. We dined at Berwick last week and also crossed the bridge over to England. I have been expecting a letter from John but it has not made its appearance yet. Tell him I expect one soon. Uncle David, Miss Geddes and the Miss McLachlans leave (?) Ayton on Thursday by the 2 o'clock train for Edinburgh. You must excuse this being written in pencil. I will tell you more about our amusements when I come home. In the meantime Believe me, Your affectionate daughter, Margaret. Give my love to Papa and Brothers.

John is presumably her brother John Geddes (V). Marion Geddes (her mother) died in 1850. This letter shows that her mother was living in Edinburgh in 1847. The Census returns of 1851 shows Margaret living with her uncle John Geddes (IV) and her father living at 7 Henderson Row.

Letter from Margaret Geddes