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Charles Long lived in 10 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

In 1913, he is described as Charles W.B. Long, G.E.R. clerk. (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


Charles Cave, 43
Charles, 13
In 1879 Charles joined the Scots Guards. He served in Egypt and the Sudan. By 1888 he had been promoted to colour sergeant. he married and joined the 62nd Wiltshire Regiment. He left the army in 1901 with the rank of Warrant officer. He brought his family back to Cambridge and in 1911 they were living at 29 Abbey Road.
Elizabeth, 4
Family were previously at 2 Princes Street
See Mill Road Cemetery entry

Charles Cave, head, 53, joiner, b Hunts
Martha, wife, 53, b March
Emma, daughter, 25, milliner, b March
Ann, daughter, 21, dressmaker, b Cambridge
Elizabeth, daughter, 14, scholar, b Cambridge

Charles Cave, head, 64, retired carpenter, b Huntingdon
Martha, wife, 66, b March
Daughter Elizabeth is married to Charles Worrell Blades Long and lives next door at number 8 Gwydir Street. They will be living here in 1901.
Charles and Martha are buried in Mill Road Cemetery.

CIP 22.9.1899
: A small outbreak of fire occurred at 10 Gwydir Street, the residence of Charles Long on Tuesday. Some new dresses, a blanket and children’s clothes were placed in front of the fire, and in some way became ignited, presumably by a spark. The neighbours extinguished the flames. The damage was about £3.

Charles W B Long, 34, railway clerk, b Norfolk
Elizabeth, 34, b Cambridge
Elsie M W, 9, b Cambridge
Irene G, 8, b Cambridge
Charles G A, 6, b Cambridge
Lena L, 4, b Cambridge
Vernon, W, 2, b Cambridge

he Long family of 10 Gwydir Street (family photo)

The Long family of 10 Gwydir Street (family photo). In the photo Charles is standing. His wife was Elizabeth Cave and when they were first married they lived in No. 8 and his parents-in-law lived in No. 10. Charles, a Railway Clerk, lived in that house until his death in 1921. His son Vernon was also a Railway Clerk, albeit Vernon was a machine gunner in WW1. (Email 2022 from GL)

Charles Long

Charles Worrell Blades Long, 44, railway clerk, b Norfolk
Elizabeth, 44, b Cambridge
Irene Golden Long, 18, coat assistant milliners, b Cambridge
Charles Cave Allan Long, 16, apprentice cook Clare College, b Cambridge
Lena Louise Whittlesea Long, 14, apprentice coats milliners, b Cambridge
Vernon Worrall, 12, b Cambridge

Charles Long, GER clerk

Elizabeth Long, b 1866
Irene G, b 1892, master dressmaker (First Aid Training)

1960s: Vernon Worrall Long made films. The following is of Chipperfields Circus on Midsummer Common in the 1960s: YouTube clip

Miss I G Long
Miss I G Long was Scout Master of the 42nd Cambridge.

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