History of 112 Gwydir Street

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In the 1871 Census, the house was occupied by
Herbert Johnson WATSON, born around 1844 in Cambridge, a grocer and provision man;
his wife Louisa Catley (nee WISBEY), born in August 1842 in Cambridge;
and their son Arthur Wisbey, born around 1870 in Over, Cambs
They also had a servant, Elizabeth A GIFFEN, 21 years old, born on Over, Cambs, and an 15 year old apprentice, Walter P DODSON from Meldreth, Cambs.

O. Page lived in 112 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Mrs. Langlet and Sidney Arber, college porter, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


Herbert Johnson Watson, 27, grocer and provision merchant, b Cambridge
Louisa, 28, b Cambridge
Arthur W, 1, b Over
Elizabeth A Giffen, 21, servant, b Meldreth
Walter P Dodson, 15, grocer apprentice, b Swavesey

Theophilus Ambrose, head, 39, blacksmith, b Norfolk
Sabina, wife, 32, b Wilburton
William, son, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Zillah, daughter, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
Minnie M, daughter, 2, b Cambridge

CIP 20.12.1884
: On Tuesday afternoon. Mr. H. Gotobed, coroner, held an inquest at the Prince of Wales, Gwydir-street, touching the death of the wife of Alfred M. Stapley, a non-collegiatc student, living at 112, Gwydir-street.—lt appeared that the deceased, who is about twenty-nine years of age, was not a very strong woman, and on the previous Tuesday night she was not well. On Wednesday morning she did not get up and on that and the two following days she remained about the same. On Saturday she got up about noon, and appeared worse. She was about during the day, but at night the servant wanting to find her could not discover her anywhere in the house. Eventually, she was found in a garden, sitting on a cushion in her dressing gown. Upon her husband asking her to go into the house she went with him, but would not say why she had gone out, she on different occasions acting in a peculiar manner. Eventually, she retired to bed with her husband, but upon the servant going into the room on Sunday morning to awaken them, she noticed that deceased’s face was very black, and one side of it was under the pillow. Medical assistance was at once sent for, but the deceased was found to be quite dead, the cause of death being suffocation produced by her apparently fainting and falling against the pillow, from which she evidently could not raise herself.— The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental death."

Theophilus Ambrose, head, 49, smith, b Norfolk
Sabina E, wife, 42, b Wilburton
Zillah, daughter, 14, b Cambridge
Minnie, daughter, 12, b Cambridge
Sidney, son, 9, b Cambridge
Lilian, daughter, 6, b Cambridge
John Henry, son, 3, b Cambridge

1900: CC&J 22.6.1900
: Esther Gwynne applied for separation from her husband, Thomas James Gwynee, a plumber for GER, on the grounds of persistant cruelty. She was granted a separation order and her husband ordered to pay 12s a week towards his wife’s maintenance.

Mary E Gwynne, 63, b Lincs
Esther, 31, b Cambridge
Sabina, 29, teacher of music, b Cambridge

Sidney Arber, 27, college kitchen porter, b Bottisham
Julia, 27, b Cambridge
Eliza, mother in law, 58, b Cambridge
Leonard, 2, b Cambridge
Cecil, 2, b Cambridge
Charles Langley, 17, nephew, grocery errand boy, b Coventry

Mrs Langley
Sidney Arber, college porter

CIP 11.9.1914
: Roll of Honour: William Charles Langley (20) mason, 112 Gwydir Street.

Sidney Arber, b 1883, nurseryman
Julia Kate, b 1883
Eliza Langley, b 1848, OAP

Mrs J Arber

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