History of 116 Gwydir Street

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In 1904, F.W.Scriven, tailor, lived in 116 Gwydir St (see Spaldings directory).

In 1913, Louis George Ginn, engine driver lived here (see Spaldings directory).

An email (2010) from Colin Martin:

My Great Grandfather Frederick William Scriven, a Tailor, born 1846, lived at No. 83 in 1891 with his two daughters. Then by 1898 he had moved across the road to No.116. I thought you may like to see an old family photo taken about 1898/99, it may even have been taken at 116, but we don't know for sure. Frederick is the gent with the beard, his second wife Mahala is seated in the middle. My Grandmother is standing far left.

Scriven family

From Capturing Cambridge:


William Eagle, head, 26, railway servant, b Suffolk
Sarah A, wife, 29, b Ely
Charlotte Fenn, sister and boarder, 15, scholar, b Ely

CIP 11.6.1887
: Accident. —What might have proved a serious accident occurred near the Mill-road Railway-gate on Tuesday morning. A young man named Maltby, butcher, of Gwydir-street, had just crossed the rails in his father’s cart, from the Town side, when the tug strap of the saddle broke. The shafts consequently came to the ground and were smashed. The horse’s legs became entangled in the harness and broken pieces of shaft, which very naturally frightened the animal. It started off down the road, and Maltby unfortunately, was thrown out of the trap. Assistance was, happily, at hand, and the young fellow received medical attention as soon as it could be obtained. Mr. Turnell (surgeon) examined him and pronounced him to have been very much shaken and badly bruised ; but, fortunately, no bones were broken. The horse ran straight into a lamp-post, resulting in the complete smashing up of the cart. Maltby, we hear, is doing as well as can be expected.

Eugene W Maltby, head, 36, printer, b Cambridge
Harriet H, wife, 35, b Cambridge
Herbert W, son, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Arthur E, son, 8, scholar, b Cambridge
Florence E E, daughter, 5, scholar, b Cambridge
Annie E G, daughter, 2, scholar, b Cambridge

Frederick William Scriven, 54, tailor, b Northants
Mahala, 54, b Cambridge [second wife]
Alfred Fox, boarder, 22, tailor journeyman, Cambridge
Charles Hemmings, 19, tailor apprentice, Oxon

See above for a photo of the Scriven family.

In 1911 the family was at 2 Mawson Road.

In 1891 the family was at 83 Gwydir Street.

Emma Ginn, 71, widow, b Bury
Lewis George, 41, railway engine driver, b Middlesex
Joseph Dickinson Calvert, 27, insurance agent, b Cumberland
James Todd, 61, farm labourer, b Suffolk

Louis George Ginn, engine driver

Lewis [sic] G Ginn, b 1869, driver LNER
Mary B, b 1872

Fred G Royal

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