History of 136 Gwydir Street

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Thomas Abbiss, boot maker, lived in 136 Gwydir St in 1883 (see Kelly's Directory).

Joshua Langford, boot maker, lived here in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory).

G. Kett lived here in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

John Garland, bootmaker, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


1881: shoemaker
Thomas Abbiss, head, 27, shoemaker, b Beds
Susannah, wife, 31, Herts
Alfred W, son, 5, scholar, b Surrey
Sarah S, daughter, 4, scholar, b Herts
Florence, daughter, 2, b Cambridge
Thomas C, son, 3 mos, b Cambridge

CIP 21.9.1888
: RE THOMAS ABBISS. The debtor, a boot and shoemaker, living at 136, Gwydir-street, Cambridge, commenced business without capital, in 1876, at Camberwell, Surrey. He was unsuccessful in business, had rheumatic fever himself and afterwards had diphtheria in his house, which necessitated the closing of his business for sixteen weeks. His liabilities amounted to about £115. The debtor never balanced what books he kept. He was allowed to pass.

Joshua Langford, head, 35, bootmaker, b Cambridge
Elizabeth, wife, 39, b Lincs
Victor G, son, 17, photographer’s apprentice, b Cambridge
Elizabeth, niece, 6, b Cambridge

Alfred Whitchurch, 36, tailor, b Ireland

G Kett (Spalding)

Thomas Lea, son, 30, college kitchen porter, b March
Sam B, son, 19, college kitchen porter, b Ely
Vernon V, daughter, 24, b King’s Lynn
Hannah L, daughter, 21, assistant in grocery, b Ely
Florence M, 20, tailoress, b Ely
May A, 16, laundress laundry, b Ely
Betram J, 12, b Ely
Victoria A, 10, b Ely

John Garland, bootmaker
CIP 2.5.1913
: Charles Utteridge, Cambridge Place, and William Whitmore, fish hawker of 136 Gwydir Street, were summoned for making a noise in the street. Utteridge pleaded guilty. P C Law gave evidence that defendant was shouting out "Watercress" very loudly. Defendant said he was not shouting loudly. The Chief Constable said that he was not allowed to call out in the streets of Cambridge at all. Mayor said that Utteridge had a bad record and would be fined 2s. Whitmore was fined 1s.

Claude Gates, b 1910, food transport
Edith, b 1914

William H Edwards

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