History of 152 Gwydir Street

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Arthur Lofts, clerk, lived in 152 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Frederick Charles Hayden, printer, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


William Stearn, head, 26, carpenter, b Histon
Matilda, wife, 24, b Melbourn
Charles, son, 2, b Cambridge
John, son, 10 mos, b Cambridge
Mary, widow, 55, mother, annuitant, b Histon
Josiah Bull, lodger, widower, 72, retired bootmaker, b Mepal

CIP 16.8.1884
: SERIOUS CHARGE AGAINST A PLASTERER. Seth Christmas Reeve, plasterer, Emery-street, was charged with stealing a quantity of wood, of the value of 2s. 6d., the property of William Stearn. —Mr. Chas. Turner prosecuted and Mr. Ellison defended—The prosecutor, who is a builder, living in Gwydir-street, is erecting some houses in Tenison-road. The defendant was employed to do the plastering work. Close by were stacked a number of floor boards, a number of which had been missed.—Wm. Askham. an apprentice to the prisoner, living in Staffordshire-street, deposed to having worked for Reeve upon some houses which were being erected by the prosecutor in Tenison-road. Upon one occasion, in June last, he saw the prisoner take from the stack of boards used for flooring two lengths, of about fifty feet each, place them over a wall, and afterwards cut them up —The prosecutor, in his evidence, stated he had about 4,000 feet of flooring stacked near some houses he was erected in Tenison road. On the day of the Australian cricket match, he missed some of the wood, made inquiries about it, and, on Tuesday night, he went to see Reeve, whom he found in his garden. He told the prisoner that he had lost some boards, and Reeve, in the presence of detective Carter, said that he was quite at liberty to look over the yard. Subsequently the prisoner came to his house, and said, “I have come about this stuff. l am very sorry I have taken six lengths. I hope you will not prosecute me. It will be caution to me in the future.” On the following morning witness had another interview with the prisoner, when Reeve begged him not to prosecute. Mr. Stearn identified some short lengths of board produced as being similar to the floor boards stacked in Tenison-road. and said that to the best of his belief the wood was his property.—ln cross-examination by Mr. Ellison, Mr. Steam said that the boards produced would be about the length necessary for a mortar board, and the prisoner might have taken them for that purpose. He had known Reeve for a long time. Both he and the prisoner were florists, and had exchanged cuttings. Reeve was a man of property, but he would not like to say that the prisoner was not likely to take the boards for the sake of their value.— Detective-Sergeant Carter having given evidence. George Bullock, Frank Thompson. Frederick Burwick, and Kerridge were called for the defence. They deposed to it being customary for a plasterer to take wood from the place where he was employed to repair his mortar board with. The Rev. A. E. Humphreys said the defendant bore the best of characters. – The magistrates decided to inflict the full penalty of £20 and costs, or three months’ imprisonment, the Mayor remarking that Mr. Adams had complained of the treatment he experienced from two gentlemen who called at his house the previous day, with a desire to bail Reeve out.

Arthur C Lofts, head, 34, solicitor’s clerk, b Cambridge
Ann, wife, 32, b Cambridge
Nellie, daughter, 8, scholar, b Cambridge
Ethel M, daughter, 1, b Cambridge

Arthur C Lofts, 44, butcher
Nellie, P C clerk
Ethel M,
Maud, 7, b Cambridge
Percy, 5, b Cambridge

Frederick Charles Hayden, 40, printers machine minder, b Triplow
Emma Henrietta, 37, b Cambridge
Vera Elsie, 2, b Cambridge
George Smith, father in law, 80, old age pensioner, b Suffolk
Harriet Smith, sister in law, 50,

Frederick Charles Hayden, printer

1939: vacant

Mrs A Smith

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