History of 176 Gwydir Street

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Richard Peren, engine driver G.E.R., lived in 176 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Mrs. Perrin lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

Assuming there was a misprint, presumably they were married.

From Capturing Cambridge:


Richard Perren, head, 48, engine driver, b Herts
Elizabeth, wife, 38, b Wilts
Alice, 15, scholar, b Wilts
Thomas Barker, lodger, 22, clerk, b Cambs

CIP 1.9.1883
: Accident on the Railway. —Last Saturday, Richard Perrin, of Gwydir-street. a driver in the employ of the Great Eastern Railway Company, met with a sad accident at Cambridge’ station. It appears that he was crossing the metals and, failing to notice the approach of a goods train that was being shunted, was knocked down by a buffer of one of the trucks striking him on the side. The wheels of the truck passed over his left foot, severely crushing it and cutting off his toes. He was immediately taken to Addenbrooke’s Hospital, and it was deemed necessary that the limb should he taken off at the ankle. This was done, and the unfortunate man is now progressing favourably.

Richard Perren, head, 58, railway engine driver, b Hants
Elizabeth, wife, 50, b Wilts
Harry, son, 28, ironmongers clerk, b Wilts
Alice, daughter, 23, b Wilts

Richard Perren, 68, loco engine driver, b Hants
Elizabeth, 60, b Wilts
Alice Kirbyshire, 33, b Wilts
Harold R, 4, b Cambridge

Richard Perren, retired engine driver GER
Elizabeth, 70
Alice Kirbyshire, 42, daughter, b Wilts
Harold, 14, grandson, b Cambridge

Mrs Perren

Frederick C Ellis, b 1887, carpenter and joiner (PWC No 132)
Blanche L, b 1887
George W Bylett, b 1887, sorting clerk GPO

Mrs B L Ellis

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