History of 182 Gwydir Street (Templar Villa)

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George J. Dring lived in 182 Gwydir St lived here in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory).

Henry W. Howell lived here in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

John Green, taxidermist, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

Mrs Greening lived here in 1916 (see Kelly's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


1881: Templar Villa
Henry Wilson, 41, tailor foreman, b Herts
Elizabeth, 43, b Royston
Ernest, 15, tailor apprentice, b Herts
Leonard, 12, b Herts
Ada, 10, b Cambridge
Lilley, 6, b Cambridge
Harry J, 1, b Cambridge

Henry Wilson, head, 51, tailor, b Herts
Elizabeth, wife, 36, b St Ives
Lily, daughter, 16, b Cambridge
Oliver, son, 11, scholar, b Cambridge
Robert, son, 1, b Cambridge

CIP 23.6.1893
Arthur Johnson (13) an errand boy of 182 Gwydir Street was charged on remand with feloniously breaking and entering the New Street School on June 19th with intent to commit felony. The Magistrates dismissed the case.

Tom Vinsen, 52, clerk, b St Neots
Sarah, 50, b Yorks
Henry, 19, bootmaker, b India
Archibald, 17, clerk, b India
Rose, 14, b Cambridge
Lily, 12, b Cambridge
Walter, 10, b Cambridge
Victor, 8, b Cambridge

1911: see 178 Gwydir for possible census ennumerator error

John Green, taxidermist

Arthur Dewsbury, b 1885, travelling draper
Edith, b 1886
Gwendoline R Dewsbury, b 1912, Nurse S R N nursing home
Peggy Dewsbury, b 1918, shorthand typist and bookkeeper

Miss G R Dewsbury, SRN Nurse

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