History of 188 Gwydir Street

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C.S. Pigg, stonemason, lived in 188 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Frederick Mansfield, warehouseman, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


Thomas Gibbins, head, 30, upholsterer, b Norfolk
Annie M, wife, 29, b Suffolk

Joseph C Struggles, head, 27, draper assistant, b Lincs
Mary J, wife, 30, b Lincs
Gertrude A, daughter, 2, b Cambridge
Edith Peyton, 14, servant, b Cambridge
Harriett Blackburn, lodger, 45, deaconess, b Cambridge

CDN 14.8.1900
: CAMBRIDGE WOMAN'S DEATH – "PUT YOUR ARMS ROUND ME." INQUEST AND VERDICT. At the Durham Ox. Mill-road, Cambridge, on Monday evening, the Coroner Mr H. S. French held an inquest on the body of Jeanette Marion Widdison, aged 32, wife of Charles Widdison. bookseller's manager, of 188. Gwydir street.

The husband, having given evidence of identification. said deceased had not been in very good health during the last twelve or eighteen months, and had lately given way to drink. Medical attendance had been called in. Last week witness and deceased went to Hunstanton, but when they returned deceased complained of pains in her legs. Friday last she was sick, and had diarrhoea, but on Saturday morning she appeared very much better.

Louisa Walker, sister of the deceased, said last Fnday night she slept with the deceased. She very restless during the night, and witness gave her some lime water. On Friday night deceased had drop of stout. On Saturday morning deceased got up and after Mr Widdison left home, about 8.30. she called witness upstairs and asked for some drink. Witness gave her some limewater, and then went downstairs and wrote note to be sent to Mr Widdison, but she could get anyone to take it. Deceased called her upstairs again and said "Where are you, Louie ? I cannot see you. What is the matter with my eyes?" She then sank to the floor. Witness covered her up and deceased, " My God. my God, put your arms around me." Witness then went downstairs to see if there was anyone about but deceased called her upstairs again. Witness then left to find Mr Widdison, and when they returned she was dead.

Mr E. Stanley Wood, of Gwydir-street, said on Saturday morning, about 10.30, he was called to deceased. Life was then extinct. He had since made a post-mortem examination, but found no marks of violence on the body. Deceased had been well cared for. The cause of death was fatty degeneration of the heart, due to alcoholic liquors. The Jury returned a verdict of "Death from natural causes."

Charles S Bigg, 53, stonemason, b Kent
Alice A, 52, b Kent
Harry, 22, stonemason, b Kent
Beatrice, 17, photographer's retoucher, b Surrey

C S Bigg, stonemason

Oliver Chandler, 26, coachman, b Girton
Elsie, 26, b Girton

Frederick Mansfield, warehouseman

Sarah A Norman, b 1864

Alfred Hones

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