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John Robert Bennett, a bricklayer, lived in 3 Gwydir St in 1883 (see Kelly's Directory), in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory) and in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory). By 1913, he is called J. Robert Bennett,senior (see Spalding's Directory) and in 1916, there is John Robert & Sons, builders & contractors (see Kelly's Directory).

Gill Casper emailed me in 2006:

As a child from about 1951 I lived with my parents Ron & Florrie Emmines & my sister Diane at no. 3 Gwyder St, next door but one to the Dean family at No 7. The grandaughter Deirdre & I were great pals. The Poulter family lived at no. 5 between us, they had a son Johnie who was spastic. His mother had to push him about in a large wheel chair. Times must have been very hard for them.

From Capturing Cambridge:


1871: unnumbered
John R Bennett, 30, master bricklayer, b Cambridge
Jane S
John R P Bennett, 1, b Cambridge
Violet M Bennett, 2mos, b Cambridge

John R Bennett, head, 40, builder, b Cambridge
Jane S, wife, 37, b Chesterton
Violet M, daughter, 10, scholar, b Cambridge
Edward M, son, 8, scholar, b Cambridge
Annie N, daughter, 6, scholar, b Cambridge
John Richard, son, 5, scholar, b Cambridge
Jenny L, daughter, 3, b Cambridge
Gilbert A, son, 2, b Cambridge
Emma Williamson, visitor, 41, b Cambridge
Ellen G Burling, visitor, 10, b Cambridge

John Robert Bennett, head, 50, builder, b Cambridge
Jane Sophia, wife, 47, b Chesterton
Violet Mary, daughter, 20, assistant schoolmistress, b Cambridge
Edward Malcolm, son, 18, pupil teacher, b Cambridge
Annie Naomi, daughter, 16, pupil teacher, b Abington
John Robert L, son, 15, watchmaker’s apprentice, b Cambridge
Jenny Lavinia, daughter, 13, scholar, b Cambridge
Gilbert Alfred, son, 11, scholar, b Cambridge
Arthur Elliot, son, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Harry Keemish, son, 5, scholar, , b Cambridge

John Robert Bennett, builder
Jane S
Jenny L, 23, elementary school teacher, b Cambridge
Gilbert A, 22, compositor, b Cambridge
Arthur E, 19, carpenter joiner, b Cambridge
Harry H, 15, carpenter apprentice, b Cambridge

CIP 26.10.1906
: An Accident At The Sanatorium: Claim for £100 damages brought by Henry Barton, labourer, of 28 Staffordshire Street against Messrs Bennett and Son, builders and contractors. Plaintiff was working on hoarding and fell and injured himself. Judge reserved decision

John Robert Bennett, 70, b Cambridge
Jane Sophia Bennett, wife, 64, b Chesterton
Violet Mary, 39, elementary council school teacher, b Cambridge
Annie Naomi, 35, certificated elementary school teacher, b Abington
Jenny Lavinia, 33, elementary school teacher, b Cambridge
Harry Teemish [?], 24, builder, b Cambridge

J Robert Bennett, senior
J R Bennett & Sons, builders, contractors and undertaker

1916: (Kellys)
John Robert and Sons

Ron Emmines

Gill (For Gill’s reminiscences see above)

William Smyth

William Smyth

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