History of 33 Gwydir Street

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Harry North, carpenter, lived in 33 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

He was still there in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


Stephen H Chapple, head, 36, grocer’s assistant, b Melbourn
Harriett A, wife, 35, b Chesterton
Henry I, son, 14, grocer’s apprentice, b Cambridge
Herbert A, son, 13, scholar, b Cambridge
Ernest H, son, 12, scholar, b Cambridge
Arthur William, son, 9, scholar, b Cambridge
Walter, son, 7, scholar, b Cambridge
Thomas R, son, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
Percival, son, 2, scholar, b Cambridge

This family moved to the grocer’s shop at 1&3 York Street.

CIP 8.2.1889
: Suicide at the Cambridge Railway Station: An inquest was held the Borough Coroner, the Earl of Derby Inn, Hills-road. on Tuesday afternoon, on the body of Thomas Gray. The first witness was Henry William North, carpenter, residing at 33, Gwydir-street, who stated that the deceased was his father-in-law, 71 years of age, and lived with him. The deceased had formerly been a bricklayer’s labourer, but had not had any regular employment for some months as his health had been falling. The deceased had been in an extremely desponding condition for long period, consequent upon the death of his wife, which happened about sixteen months ago. He also received a sunstroke some time back, which caused him much pain, especially the last three weeks. He was also subject to optical illusions. The witness had heard the deceased express a wish that he were dead, but never that he intended to take his own life. The witness last saw deceased alive on Monday morning about half-past eight.—Horace Bishop, of 8, Coronation-place, Panton-street, shunter on the London and North Western Railway, was then called. He stated that he first observed the deceased in the shunting yard about twenty five minutes to three on Monday afternoon, while he was engaged In shunting some goods waggons. He saw the deceased come across the Great Eastern line, and noticed that he appeared to wish to cross the sidings. This he did shortly afterwards. The witness looked to see if the deceased was on the line he wished to bring the waggons on, and finding that he was not, gave the signal to the engine-driver to send the waggons on. Presently, be became aware that the train had passed over some person. He got down and found the deceased lying in a crushed condition on the line. He then went for the foreman, and assisted in the removal of the body.— The next witness was George Sedgwick, of Bletchley, an engine-driver on the London and North Western Railway, who said that he was shunting some goods waggons in the Yard of the Cambridge Station on Monday afternoon, when he noticed the deceased walking about in the yard. When the waggons which were moving were within about three yards of where the deceased was, the deceased sprang on to the line, apparently intentionally. The brake was put on as soon as possible and the train brought to stand still. The whole of the train, which consisted of ten trucks passed over the deceased’s chest. —Simon Barker, Parish Constable, of 3, Portland-place, stated that he was sent for to the Station about half-past three on Monday afternoon. When be arrived the body bad been removed to an out house He searched the body and found upon it 1s 1 1/2d., a purse, a box of pills, a knife, a piece of liquorice, a pocket handkerchief, and a half-opened razor. The jury returned verdict of "Suicide while in an unsound state of mind."

Henry W North, head, 25, carpenter and joiner, b Cambridge
Emma E, wife, 26, b Cambridge
Henry T, son, 3, b Cambridge
Elsie L J, daughter, 1, b Cambridge

Henry W North, 36, carpenter and joiner, b Cambridge
Emma E, 37, b Cambridge
Henry T, 13, b Cambridge
Elsie L, 11, b Cambridge
Alec O, 2, b Cambridge
Hilda E, 2.5mos, b Cambridge
Harriett Halley, aunt, widow, 86, b Chesterton

Henry William North, 45, joiner electrical supply co, b Cambridge
Emma Elizabeth, 46, b Cambridge
Henry Thomas, 23, laboratory engineer assistant, b Cambridge
Elsie Louisa Jane, 21, dressmaker, b Cambridge
Alec Olaf, 12, b Cambridge
Hilda Eileen, 10, b Cambridge
Leonard Gordon, 6, b Cambridge

Harry North, carpenter

Sidney Hardy

Sidney Hardy

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