History of 61 Gwydir Street

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Harry Mansfield, painter, lived in 61 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory)

He was still here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

From Capturing Cambridge:


1871: unnumbered
James Gray, 28, hostler, b Northants
Eliza, 26, b Linton
Harry M, 2, b Cambridge
Frank Staples, boarder, 19, railway clerk, b Surrey

Edward Wright, head, 30, railway fireman, b Cambridge
Sarah, wife, 30, b Suffolk
Ruth, daughter, 2, b Cambridge

CDN 17.12.1889
: Sudden Death of an Infant.—An inquest was held this afternoon, at the Arms, Gwydir-street, before Mr. Henry Gotobed, touching the death of Grace Emily Clark, aged eight months, daughter of Edward Clark, poulterer, of 61, Gwydir-street. The evidence given at the inquest showed that the child had a cold, and was subject to “wheezing,” but had not been so ill as to cause any serious apprehension. On Sunday morning, however, when the mother awoke, she found the child dead by her side. Mr. Apthorp, surgeon, who made a postmortem examination, was of opinion that the cause of death was bronchial complaints. A verdict accordingly was returned.

Edmund Clark, head, 29, poulterer’s assistant, b Bourn
Annie E, wife, 28, b Kingston
Louisa, daughter, 6, b Cambridge
Bertie E, son, 4, b Cambridge
Edith A, daughter, 7 mos, b Cambridge

The following is illegible on the BNA. This text is generated by the OCR.
CIP 13.1.1899:
OBSTRUCTION, J Charles Brown, oil and colour merchant, 61, Gwydir-street, was summoned for obstructing Gwydir-street on December 23rd. €”Mr. H.C Squires defended, and pleaded not guilty.— Joseph Redfarn, jun., butcher. 10, Mill-street, said on December 23rd he was in Gwydir-street, walking, about 11-50 am., near Mr. Brown'€™s shop, and noticed a row of pails and footbaths standing in the gutter and on the road. About an hour afterwards he again passed the shop in a cart and saw the pails and footbaths in the same position. The horse shied at the articles and fell down, breaking the shafts of the cart.

Robert H Fuller, 25, operative plumber, b London
Lilian, 27, b London

Harry Mansfield, 35, waiter college, b Chesterton
Agnes, 38, b Suffolk
Doris Winifred, 7, b Cambridge
Stanley Charles, 6, b Cambridge
Wilfred, 3, b Cambridge
Mabel Olive, 1, b Cambridge

Harry Mansfield, painter

John Guyton

James Horsley

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