History of 64 Gwydir Street

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Herbert Johnson Watson, grocer lived in Gwydir St in 1879 (see Kelly's Directory). There is no house number given. But he was living in 64 Gwydir St in 1883 (see Kelly's Directory).

In the 1881, there is a record for 62/64. See house number 62

Alfred Mathold, dairyman, lived here in 1892 (see Kelly's Directory).

Charles Brown, hardware stores, lived here in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).In 1913, the directory says C. and Sons Brown, oil and hardware merchants, (see Spalding's Directory) and in 1916 it is C. & Sons Brown, hardware men. (see Kelly's Directory).

Charles Brown was also next door, at number 62, and Robert Brown, oil and hardware merchant, lived at number 32 in 1913.

There are photographs and information about the Browns in number 62.

From Capturing Cambridge:


1881: (62 & 64)
Herbert John Watson, grocer
See 62 Gwydir Street

1889: CDN 14.11.1889
Advert from Cambridge Daily News 14.11.1889

Alfred J Phillips, head, 26, dairyman, b Essex
Elizabeth, wife, 30, b Essex
Herbert H S, son, 11 mos, b Cambridge
Mary Reading, servant, 18, b London
Ernest Turner, 18, assistant dairyman, b Essex

1892: Alfred Mathold (Kellys)

1901: See 62 Gwydir Street

On the 5th September 1902 the Cambridge Daily News reported on how Cambridge celebrated the Coronation of King Edward VII. In particular they described the "Old People’s Tent", which contained "a large number of people who were present at the Cambridge festivites on the occasion of the late Queen’s Coronation". The article then went on to list the names, ages and addresses of the old people who were present. This list includes "Mr. Samuel Stevenson, 64 Gwydir Street (72)".

1904: Charles Brown (Spaldings)

Charles Brown, 50, oil and color man, b Cambridge
Clara, 40, b Colchester
William, 14, porter in oil and color shop, b Cambridge

C Brown and sons, oil and hardware merchants

CDN 22.12.1916
: Mr R C Brown oil and hardware and Italian warehouseman, 64, Gwydir Street, applied for exemption of Charles Christopher Brown, married, two children of Market Street Fordham, his manager on the ground of indispensability. The man also applied on his own behalf on the ground s of national importance and domestic hardship. exemption on both claims was refused.

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