History of 68 Gwydir Street

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Edward Clarke, porter, lived in 68 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

In 1913 he is described as Edmund Clarke, porter, (see Spalding's Directory) so presumably one of those is a mistake.

From Capturing Cambridge:


Ebenezer Impson, head, 49, iron and brass founder, b Norfolk
Lucy, wife, 50, b Norfolk
Benjamin, son, 22, iron and brass founder, b Norfolk
Lydia, daughter, 17, nurse, b Norfolk
Ebenezer, son, 11, scholar, b Norfolk
Ernest, son, 5, scholar, b Norfolk
Jabez Clarke, boarder, 20, locomotive engine cleaner, b Beds
Walter Charter, boarder, 17, locomotive engine cleaner, b Beds

Francis E Coleman, head, 32, bricklayer, b Wilts
Agnes, wife, 34, b Wilts
Hilda A, daughter, 6, scholar, b Surrey
Edward F, son, 3, b Cambridge
Beatrice E, daughter, 1, b Cambridge
Albert H, son, 8 mos, b Cambridge

Edmund Clark, 39, poulterer’s assistant, b Bourn
Annie E, 38, b Kingston
Louisa, 16, servant, b Cambridge
Bert E, 14, b Cambridge
Edith A, 10, b Cambridge
Grace A, 8, b Cambridge
Elijah Smith, father in law, 76, general dealer, b Kingston

Edmund Clark, 49, poulterers assistant, b Bourne
Anne Elizabeth Clark, 48, b Cambs

Edmund Clarke, porter

CDN 1.11.1916
: Mrs Rayner of 68 Gwydir Street Cambridge has received news from the War Office that her husband Rifleman Maurice A Rayner of the London Regiment died from wounds in France on October26th. He was the son of Mr and Mrs A Rayner of Romsey Road Cambridge. In a letter to the widow, Sister Ethel Greenwood, of the Canadian Casualty Clearing Station, says that Rifleman Rayner was brought to the Clearing Station wounded. “He came in by ambulance at half-past three in the morning, badly wounded in the face, with a wound and a fracture in the right arm also wounds of the lft arm and thigh. His wounds were dressed and he was hurried into the ward where I am night sister. We knew he was very low and tried hard to stimulate and warm him up but he died at four o’clock. H was unconscious and died very quickly without pain as according to a note sent with him he had been given a drug in the Field Ambulance. We sent for the Chaplain as soon as he arrived but he did not reach the ward until just as he died. He will probably write you also but I wanted to express my grief and sympathy for you.” Mrs Maurice Rayner wishes to thank the many friends who have sent expressions of sympathy with her in her bereavement.


CIP 15.12.1916
: Rifleman Maurice A Rayner Civil Service Rifles (London Regiment) husband of Mrs Rayner of 68 Gwydir Street and son of Mr and Mrs Rayner of Romsey Road, died from wounds received October 26th 1916.

Alice M Norden, b 1884

Mrs Norden

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