History of 95 Gwydir Street

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Arthur Rutter lived in 95 Gwydir St in 1904 (see Spalding's Directory).

Walter Rutter, carpenter, lived here in 1913 (see Spalding's Directory).

Presumably they were related.

From Capturing Cambridge:


1871: unnumbered
George Clark, police constable
Mary A
Henry G
Alfred N
Herbert, 1, b Cambridge

George F Clark, 1865 photo of Cambridge police force

PC Clark gave evidence at the coroner’s inquiry into the cause of death of the 9 month old girl believed to be the daughter of Martha Hall of 2 Parkside found in Lensfield Brook. The baby was named Adams, the name of the family in Gwydir Street that Martha had been working for in 1871.

George F Clark, head, 44, police constable
Mary A, wife, 45, b Cherry Hinton
Henry G, son, 20, railway clearance house, b Cambridge
Alfred N, son, 17, railway servant, b Cambridge
Elizabeth M, daughter, 7, scholar, b Cambridge
Alice, daughter, 6, scholar, b Cambridge
Sarah A, daughter, 4, scholar, b Cambridge
Mary Balls, aunt, unmarried, 60, servant, b Cherry Hinton

George Francis Clark, head, 54, detective police constable, b Cambridge
Mary A, wife, 54, b Cherry Hinton
[Mary Ann was the sister of George’s first wife, Elizabeth]
Herbert, son, 21, tailor, b Cambridge, deaf and dumb
Arthur, son, 19, apprentice tailor, b Cambridge, deaf and dumb
Elizabeth, daughter, 17, dressmaker, b Cambridge
Sarah, daughter, 14, dressmaker apprentice, b Cambridge

See Mill Road Cemetery entry

Walter Rutter, 45, carpenter, b Cambridge
Jane, 42, b Harston
George, 20, butcher, b Cambridge
Minnie, 18, dressmaker, b Cambridge
Ted, 12, b Trumpington

Walter Rutter, 54, carpenter, b Cambridge
Jane, 51, b Harston
Minnie, 28, dressmaker, b Cambridge
Edward, 22, carpenter, b Trumpington

Walter Rutter, carpenter

Sidney Ball

Sidney Ball

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