Mixed tape lace

Tape lace has a tape in a pattern with the different parts of the tape joined to keep it like that. There are two different ways to do this:

Mixed tape lace has the tape starting as a straight piece of tape (which may be machine made). This is gathered or folded to make the bends, and filling and joins are added afterwards to keep the shape in place. These are indexed on this page.

Bobbin tape lace (sometimes called braid lace) is made with a tape which is worked while the shape is being made, so the bends are made as part of the tape, and the joins made at the same time as the tape. These are indexed on a different page.

Here are examples of mixed tape lace from my lace collection (although, as I am not an expert, some of my identification may be wrong). Click on a picture below to go to a page about the piece, with a large scale image.

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