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Double Torchon ground

How to do Double Torchon ground

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Working: cloth stitch and twist pin cloth stitch and twist. You could also think of it as 2 half stitches, pin, 2 half stitches

The Dutch for this ground is Grond in dubbele netslag. There are similar grounds in different lace styles, but done without a pin in the centre of the stitch. See Mechlin ground and Brussels ground.

Double Torchon ground is used in Torchon lace. The threads zigzag from one pin to the next, so it may be necessary to tighten the threads at each pin. The pin gives a small hole in the centre of each stitch, which may be visible in the final lace. There are other variants - see bottom of page.

Double Torchon ground
The stitch looks like a miniature plait. See pattern 140.

Torchon ground pattern
Double Torchon ground is shown in patterns the same as Torchon ground. The instructions will say what kind of ground is to be used.

It is best to work double Torchon ground in diagonal rows, like Torchon ground. However, there is not one pair of threads which work down the diagonal, as a pair of threads stays on the same side of the stitch each time, and zigzags. This is not a problem. If doing leftwards diagonals, as below, take the left pair from the previous stitch, and the pair next to it on the right, in order to work the next stitch.

How to do Torchon ground rows

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In this diagram, each pair of bobbins is a different colour, to show how the threads move.

The pairs of bobbins stay together, a check that you have not made a mistake! They also stay in the same order.