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Pattern 442 - Internal picot edge

Picture of lace

Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 10 pairs

Style: Tape

   half stitch
   cloth stitch
   cloth stitch and twist

   solid cloth stitch (red)
   internal picot edge (green)
   twisted footside (grey)

Description: This is a simple strip of cloth stitch, with a footside on one side, and a footside without a passive on the other. As usual with a straight piece of cloth stitch like this, with vertical edges, there are extra pin holes. For the footside, these are just the end of the row, but on the other side, the worker pair leaves the cloth stitch, makes a picot, and returns. Click here for a description of this.

The worker pair also behaves differently at the other pins. On the footside, the pair from the footside joins the strip for a stitch, then return to the footside. So it never really joins the strip at all, and you could make the three pairs of the footside a different colour, if you wish.

On the other side, the worker pair leaves the strip, does a Torchon ground stitch with the pair coming from the edge, and goes on to the edge. The pair coming from the edge then joins the strip as the new worker pair. So there are, in fact, three worker pairs doing the cloth stitch, in turn.

Picture of lace
Close up of the lace, so you can see the working in more detail