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Derivation:From "malache" (Greek) mallow leaves
Formula: Cu2CO3(OH)2
Description: Malachite has a particular shade of green, which is easy to recognise. It has layers of pale and dark green, which can show as straight, curved or wiggly lines. It is opaque. It is botryoidal (blobby).The piece on the right of the photograph is a piece of malachite stalactite. Imagine a cave with green stalactites hanging down!

Malachite is used for ornaments, even furniture (such as in the Grand Trianon in Versailles). It is a copper ore, and was mined in the Bronze Age on the Great Orme, in Llandudno. The strong sea-winds helped the smelting process. You can still see the mines today.

Malachite has been used as a pigment throught history.

Larger pictures of Malachite:

These specimens have been cut and smoothed to show typical malachite patterns.

Malachite Malachite

This natural specimen shows the bands of different coloured green.


These natural specimens shows the needle crystals of malachite.



This natural specimen shows the crystals from the side.


This is a malachite stalagtite.


This natural specimen is half azurite, half malachite.