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Derivation:From "Silber" (German)
Formula: Ag
Description: Bright silver metal.

Silver In the sample above, the silver is the wires on the left. You can see one piece sticking out of the left edge.

Silver is a precious metal. It is used for jewelry, but it tends to tarnish. It was used for cutlery and tea-pots, and often handed down as heirlooms. "Selling the family silver" means squandering property held in trust for the future. Margaret Thatcher was accused of this when she privatised state-owned industries.

Ancient people thought of silver as a symbol for the moon.

Larger pictures of Silver:

These specimens show natural wires of silver. They are hard to see against the dark rock, but in the first photo, one piece sticks out half way down the right hand side, and in the other, a piece catches the light in the bottom right-hand corner.

Silver Silver

This is small pieces of silver leaf, in a bottle of water, to magnify them.