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Derivation:From the sun
Formula: NaAlSi3O8 - CaAli2Si2O8
Description: An orange stone that glints golden as turned to the light.

Sunstone is not mentioned much, which is a shame as it is a very attractive stone. My books on minerals ignore it, and I first found it in a book on jewelry. Sunstone has the same formula as labradorite. I suspect that it was given its name to partner moonstone. However, it gets its light effect from reflection from the surface rather than light refracting through it.

Larger pictures of Sunstone:

This two photos show the same polished specimen. The first has the sparkling colours you can get if you tilt a sunstone.

Sunstone Sunstone

This polished specimen is small, but very sparkly. Here are three photos of it at different angles.

Sunstone Sunstone Sunstone

Here is a magnified photo of the same specimen, showing how the sparkle is made up of different colours.


This natural specimen shows a little sparkle on the left.