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Name:Zircon or Hyacinth
Derivation: From "zargun" (Persian) gold coloured
From "hyankinthos" (Greek) blue flower (larkspur or bluebell)
Formula: ZrSiO4
Description: A crystal, transparent to nearly opaque, which is usually reddish brown, but can be other colours including transparent. It is the brown form which is called hyancinth.

Hyacinth (or jacinth) was originally a blue gemstone, perhaps sapphire. Hyacinths are blue flowers, larspur or bluebells, which the Greeks thought sprung from the blood of Hyancinthus, a youth acidentally killed by Apollo. Hyancinth was used of so many stones, that jewellers eventually decided to use it only for red, yellow or brown zircon (which considering its derivation was not very sensible!) You can get a blue gem from heating brown zircon. Zircon Zircon Zircon

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic stone used as a diamond substitute produced from zirconia (oxide of zircomium). As you can see from these photographs, it sparkles just as much as diamond. These are different photographs of the same largish stone, bought for a small amount of money.

Larger pictures of Zircon:

Zircon crystals.

Zircon Zircon

This is a twinned crystal.


These are cut cubic zirconia, made from zircon.