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Some Roman mosaics

A piece of a Roman mosaic was called a tessera. They were made of natural materials, so the range of colours was limited. Real Roman mosaics were not necessarily laid in a square grid. Different shaped pieces were fitted in to make the more complicated pictures. These used thousands of tesserae. The Romans made all sorts of pictures.

This is a ferocious dog on a hall floor, to 'guard' the house. CAVE CANEM means "Beware of the dog".

Dog mosaic in Pompeii

Here is the floor of a dining room. The mosaic shows a floor with rubbish on it, presumably so anything you dropped on the floor wouldn't be noticed. Can you see the mouse?

Unswept floor mosaic

Medusa was a monster. She had snakes in her hair, and if she looked at you, you turned to stone.

Medusa mosaic

Here are some mosaics that you can see in Britain:

In the Burrell Collection, in Glasgow:

Cockerel mosaic in the Burrell Collection, in Glasgow

In Fishbourne Roman Palace, near Chichester:

Fishbourne Roman Palace mosaic Fishbourne Roman Palace mosaic

There are simpler Fishbourne mosaics here.

These patterns are too complicated to copy, but here are some simpler patterns to copy:

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