Information about saving and printing

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This website lets you design a mosaic online. It uses JavaScript to do this. This means that your finished mosaic is not a conventional picture, so you can't save or print it in the normal way. However, there are other ways to do this.

Printing a mosaic

The easiest way to print a mosaic is to print off the whole webpage in the normal way. Then you can cut out the mosaic if you wish.

You can copy the mosaic to a word processor. Then you can print or save it to print later.

Copying a mosaic to a word processor

There are two ways to copy the mosaic to a word processor.

You can high-light the mosaic with click-and-drag. Once you have done this, click on Edit/Copy (top of screen). Leave the webpage and open a word processor file, such as Word. Clink on Edit/Paste in the word processor file and wait a bit, and the mosaic should appear. The format may look a little ragged. Now it is part of the word processor file, you can save it or print it as you wish. I cannot guarantee that this will work with all word processors.

The second way is to screen print. On standard Windows keyboards, there is a key (top right) with Print Scrn or similar on it. When you have the mosaic on screen, click on this. This dumps whatever is on the screen into the 'copy' area (which is called the clipboard). Now go into a word processor file, or any program that handles pictures (such as Paint). Now click on Edit/Paste, and the screen image will appear. This will have more than just the mosaic. If you are in a Paint program, then you should be able to trim it. Whether you do or not, you can now print or save it as you wish.

Saving the mosaic to continue working on it

The methods above preserve the finished mosaic. But you may wish to save a particularly complicated mosaic, and continue working on it in future.

All mosaic design pages have a white box below the mosaic itself (you may need to scroll down). This contains lots of letters. As you design the mosaic, you will see that the letters change. At any time, you can copy-and paste this collection of letters (using click-and-drag in the normal way) into a word processor or Notepad or any other file that accepts writing. There you can save it in the normal way. When you wish to continue working on the maze, you can copy-and-paste it back from the word processor file to the white box in the Mosaic design page, and click on Regenerate maze. Wait a short while, and the maze will re-appear!

You could save all your mosaics this way if you wish, to keep a record of them.

Downloading the webpage to your own computer

If you want, you can download any of these webpages onto your own computer. This will not save any mosaic that you have been working on. But it does mean that you can work on the page even if you're not connected to the internet, and you will avoid internet problems.

To use the webpage:

Remember this will only save one webpage. You cannot move from one webpage to another via the links.

Download large blank mosaics for your own use

Here is an even simpler method. There are two blank mosaic images below, one for squares and one for triangles. Save these onto your own computer, and you can use them in any Paint program to make large mosaics, quickly, and print or save them with all the facilities that using a Paint program gives you.

To save the picture, right-click on it, then click on Save Picture As. You will find a Paint program on Windows computers by clicking on Start, then Programs, then Accessories, then Paint. Open the file that you have just saved, then use the paintpot tool to fill the squares or triangles.