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Sun and Moon

Viking nameSolMani
Saxon nameSunneMona
Day of the weekSunday Monday


When Odin made Middle Earth, he set the Sun and the Moon in the sky. The Sun is a girl and the Moon a boy, and they drive their chariots drawn by swift horses across the sky each day. They are chased by wolves. At Ragnarok, the end of the worlds, the wolves will catch the Sun and Moon, and there will be no more day and night. On the left, a Viking carved cross on the Isle of Man shows the two wolves looking hungrily at the symbol at the top, which must be the sun.

Perhaps the Vikings and Saxons thought that the wolf nibbled away at the moon each month, but then he escaped and regrew. They would be very frightened at an eclipse of the Sun, since it might be the start of Ragnarok!

Sun and Moon