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Title: King of the gods

Greek name: Zeus

Day of the Week: Thursday

Solar system: planet Jupiter

Wonder of the World: Statue at Olympia
Relations: Son of Saturn
Grandson of Uranus
Husband of Juno
Brother of Neptune Brother of Pluto
Many children

English words: Jovial means jolly.


Jupiter was king of the Gods. The eagle was his messenger. His weapon was the Thunderbolt (thunder and lightning). All other gods were terrified of him, although he was a little scared of his wife Juno! Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto were the three sons of Saturn. They divided up the world between themselves. Jupiter took the air, Neptune had the sea and Pluto ruled under the earth, the home of the Dead.

Jupiter means Father Jove (Father in Latin is "pater"). There was a big temple on the Capitol in Rome dedicated to Jupiter Optimus Maximus (which means Jupiter Best and Greatest). The Romans thought that Jupiter guarded their city and looked after them.