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Title: God of time

Greek name: Cronos

Day of the Week: Saturday

Solar system: planet Saturn
Relations: Son of Uranus and Gaia
Father of Jupiter
Father of Pluto
Father of Neptune

English word: Saturnine means serious and gloomy.

Old Father Time

Saturn was god of Time and his weapon was a scythe. He is called Old Father Time.

Saturn ruled the gods before Jupiter. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto were his children. They represent Air, Water and Death, the three things that Time cannot kill.

The Romans had a mid-winter festival in honour of Saturn, called the Saturnalia. It lasted seven days, and there was much merrymaking. Public business was suspended and schools were closed. Parents gave toys to their children and there was a public banquet. That is why we eat so much at Christmas, give presents and go to parties.