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This website is dedicated to the memory of the British Imperial Weights and Measures of my childhood.

Alphabetical index of units
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In 2009, I rearranged this website. I hope that you will find it easier to use. Inevitably some errors will have crept in. If you spot any, please let me know - I promise to correct any factual or numerical errors, and will consider any other alterations. Also, I would love to hear about any experiences using the old units, especially in different trades. Do write with comments, queries, etc., but I may not be able to answer them!
The old site is still available here but it won't be updated anymore.

Lengthinch, foot, yard, mile, furlong, cubit
Areaacres, roods, hides, square inches
Volumepints, gallons, pecks, bushels
Weightounces, pounds, stone, hundredweight, tons
Moneypence, thruppence, shillings, florins, half crowns
Anglespoints of compass, degrees, radians, mils
Weatherwind, temperature, earthquakes
Otherspeed, acceleration, power, time
Foreign unitsespecially those similar to Imperial Measures
Tradesprinters, shoes, clothes, building, farming
Documentshistorical documents about units of measure

Words and terms no longer in usee.g. wireless, LP

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