Latin words, phrases and quotes

You can use this webpage either as a quiz (select game) or to look up information (select look up). There is a long list of Latin, so you can choose part of it. You can also select the order of the lists, alphabetic or random.

To look up Latin (or English), click the one that you know, and the other will appear. You may need to alter the order to alphabetical to find what you want.

To play the game, select the collection that you want. Set the order of one of the lists to random, and the other to alphabetic. Then work your way down the randon list. Click on one of these, then click on the appropriate entry in the other list. When both boxes match, the Latin and its translation will be removed from these lists and put at the bottom of the page. This means that the lists get shorter and shorter. When you have found the last match, you can select a different range, or look up information, or even click on New game if you didn't do very well, and want another go!

The translations are sometimes a little loose. Some of the quotes may be originally Greek - I give the Latin version and author.