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General Knowledge

There are plenty of facts that are part of General Knowledge. You feel you ought to know these hard knobbly facts but you missed out in school, or they weren't part of fashionable educational theory, or it was all just too boring... Perhaps you're still in school, and feel that an online quiz might make revision slightly less tedious.

These quizes are interactive. They don't give you scores, or test you against time, or penalise you, or make you look stupid. You can chose a small part or tackle the full list. It's up to you. Try doing a bit at a time, and I'm sure that the knowledge will start to seep into your brain.

The symbols of the elements
The capitals of the countries of the world
Latin words, phrases and quotes
United States Postal Service State Codes
Greek alphabet

Other games:
Map games - identify countries, mountains, rivers
Shakespeare quotes
Logical puzzles - to develop your thinking
Apostrophes - learn where they should go
Various games - fun and educational

These are information websites rather than games or quizes:
History - including monarchs of England, and Scotland, battles involving England
Myths about gods of olden cultures
Imperial Weights and Measures including pre-decimal currency
Number systems from different cultures
Polyhedra (solid shapes)
Mazes - concentrating on unicursal mazes - their history and designs
How to make bobbin lace
Parts of speech
Gospels comparison - listed side by side