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Pattern 490 - Fleur de Lys tape lace 4

Picture of lace

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 11 pairs

Style: Tape

   cloth stitch

   solid cloth stitch (red)
   cloth footside


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

This is in a series: pattern 310, pattern 488, pattern 489. This version has no sewings (done with a crochet hook). It joins a tape to itself by having a single passive path go on a different route to the rest. So there are 5 passive pairs in thetape at the bottom of the lace. One pair leaves the tape at the bottom of the Fleur de Lys and rejoins it when the whole Fleur de Lys has been worked. Another passive pair leaves before each "petal" and rejoins again when the petal has been worked. These pairs tie the tape together as a sewing might. But it is less bulky than using a whole tape to do this (like pattern 489). I like this way of doing this. Sewings are a bother, especially with all the pins that these winding tapes use, and multiple tapes mean more pairs, and a bulkier and less attractive pattern. This pattern does look a bit sparse, admittedly, but that's a design fault rather than a fault in technique! It might look better with 4 pairs (minimum) in the tape.

I've used a cloth footside, with 3 passive pairs in it. This is joined to the main tape by the workers going round each other, rather than a wingle worker for both tapes squashing them together. This gives holes between the two tapes which does look similar to some Le Pompe patterns.

A larger version of the photo so you can see detail.

Picture of lace