Edkins Family Index Page

Keith Edkins

Guide to Cambridge (UK) Web Sites
Cambridge Liberal Democrats
UK Local Government on the Web
Local Government By-elections since May 1996 Other Elections
Worldwide Edkins Genealogy
Photos of some Insects, mostly in our garden.
Postboxes of CB - a Photography Project

Jo Edkins

Index to all my websites

Gwydir Street website

Jo Edkins online lace school, with plenty of free bobbin lace patterns
Myths of Roman, Egyptian and Nordic gods
Unicursal mazes, plus how to design your own maze
Simple guide to minerals, rocks & gemstones
Information about imperial units of length, area, volume and weight, plus pre-decimal UK coins
How to draw Celtic knots, and designs from illuminated manuscripts, stone crosses and mosaics

Giles Edkins

These websites were designed when Giles was young. They are no longer updated.

Blahfonts - Free Fonts for the Grabbing. Here are 10 free fonts that I've made myself.
Conways Game of Life, powered by JavaScript.
A help guide to Windows that I created for GCSE coursework.