EDKINS Database of Spouses

This is an index of known individuals who have had the good taste to marry somebody called EDKINS. The dates and places are of the wedding where known, otherwise estimated from whatever other evidence is available.

ABLETT William, 1868, Wentworth, NSW,AUS
ALDEN Emily, 1854, Greensburg, IN,USA
ALLEN Harriet, 1873, Southampton, HAM,ENG
ANDERSON Catherine J, 1889, PA,USA
ANDREWS Alice Marion, 189x, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
ANDREWS Lizzie Mabel, 1918
APPLEBY Thomas, 172x, WAR,ENG
ARCHER Mary, 1767, Coleshill, WAR,ENG
ARDEN Katherine, 154x, WAR,ENG
ATTWOOD Susanna, 1617, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
ATTWOOD Thomas, 1729, WAR,ENG
BADGER Charlotte, 1861, Billesley, WAR,ENG
BADGER Jane, 1857, Milverton, WAR,ENG
BADGER Richard, 184x, Worcester, WOR,ENG
BAKER Job, 1869, Wentworth, NSW,AUS
BARDIN Elizabeth Marriott, 1832, LND,ENG
BARRATT Ann, 1790, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
BARRETT James, 1861, Benalla, VIC,AUS
BARROTT Harriet, 186x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
BARTLETT Lucy Jane, 1891, New York, NY, USA
BARTLOW Anna, 1850, PA,USA
BARTLOW Anthony, 189x, PA,USA
BARTLOW Mary, 191x, PA,USA
BATE Elizabeth, 1817, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
BATTIN Anna, 1861, Monroe Co, PA,USA
BAYLIS, Elizabeth, 1891, Bromsgrove, WOR,ENG
BELCHER Sarah Maria, 1896, Marylebone, LND,ENG
BENNETT Daniel, 1860, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
BENNETT Eliza, 1885, Aston, WAR,ENG
BENTLEY Emma, 1893, Walsall, STS,ENG
BERRY Emma, 187x, Welford, GLS,ENG
BETHELL Mary Jane, 1895, LND,ENG
BIDDLE Ann, 1844, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
BILBY Eliza Mae, 192x, PA,USA
BINGHAM Charlotte, 1851, Solihull, WAR,ENG
BIRT Elizabeth Annie, 1882, Droitwich, WAR,ENG
BLANDFORD Hannah, 1811, Bristol, GLS,ENG
BOYER Kate, 190x, MB,CAN
BRADLEY Hannah, 1835, Aston juxta Birmingham, WAR,ENG
BRADLEY Joseph, 188x, PA,USA
BRANDSON Margaret, 194x, MB,CAN
BROMLEY William, 180x, WAR,ENG
BROOKES Anthony Harvey, 186X, WAR,ENG
BROOKES Frederick Edward, 1889, Binton, WAR,ENG
BROOKES Harriet, 1859, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
BROUGHTON Caroline Arabella, 1872, VIC,AUS
BULL Julia, 197x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
BULL Pauline Winifred, 198x, Melbourne, VIC,AUS
BULLOCK Alice Amelia, 190x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
BUNKER Henry, 189x, Greensburg, IN,USA
BURGESS Elizabeth Violet, 1953, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
BUSH Cherick Van C, 182x, Monroe Co, PA,USA
BUTCHER, Emily Jesshop, 1887, Toronto, ON,CAN
BUTLER Ruth, 193x, PA,USA
CAIN Jane, 1874, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
CASE Mary, 1937, NY,USA
CASTLE Benjamin Clyde, 1936, PA,USA
CATTRELL Mary, 1817, Stretton on Dunsmore, WAR,ENG
CHAMBERLAIN May, 1943, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
CHAPMAN Mary, 1780, Atherstone, WAR,ENG
CHATTAWAY Jane Selina Fisher, 186x, Kings Coughton, WAR,ENG
CHINNERY Rosina Jane, 1888, Headington, LAN,ENG
CHURCHLEY Amelia Ellen, 1871, Walsall, STS,ENG
CLARK Albert, 192x, Greensburg, IN,USA
CLARK Edna, 193x, PA,USA
CLARKE Jane, 185x, Pershore, WOR,ENG
CLARKE William, 1868, Bowen, QLD,AUS
CLEGG Sarah Jane, 1880, USA
CLOW Hammon Willis, 190x
COLE Mary, 1793, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
CONNELL Rosemary Anne, 197x, ZA
COOPER Beryl Rose, 1959, ENG
COPSON Ernest Hugo, 1945, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
CORSON Alfred, 186x, PA,USA
CORSON Hannah, 183x, PA,USA
CORSON Lulu, 190x, PA,USA
CORSON Mary A, 186x, PA,USA
CORSON Rosella, 186x, PA,USA
CORY Ernest, 1918, Greensburg, IN,USA
COWLEY Ann, 1873, Shipston-on-Stour, GLS,ENG
COX Clara, 1895, West Bromwich, STS,ENG
COX Flora Derwent, 194x, ZA
COX Hannah, 1778, Beaudesert, WAR,ENG
CRAFT Alice or Elsie, 182x, PA,USA
CRANE Helen, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
CRAWLEY Harvey W, 1913, PA,USA
CROW Emma, 1842, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
CURRIE Stuart, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
DALTON Elizabeth, 1885, Adelaide, SA,AUS
DALTON Karen, 198x, FL,USA
DAVIES Charles Norman Knox, 1917, ZAF
DAVIES Gertrude, 1905, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
DAVIS Charlotte, 1895, Stoke-on-Ternt, STS,ENG
DAVIS Sarah, 1842, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
DAVY Christopher Edward, 197x, KEN,ENG
DEAN Jonathan, 1777, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
DEHAVEN Edith, 1917, Greensburg, IN,USA
DERBY, 185x, Greensburg, IN,USA
DESTER Mary, 1806, Wootton Wawen, WAR,ENG
DIBBLEE Joanna Elizabeth, 1974, Leamington, WAR,ENG
DODWELL Elizabeth (Mrs MORGAN), 1756, Dublin, DUB,IRL
DONOVAN Juliana (Mrs THOMAS), 176x, IRL
DOOLEY Elizabeth, 1815, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
DOUGLAS Mary Louise, 195x, Hamilton, NY, USA
DOWDESWELL Albert Lelie, 1927, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
DOWLER Margaret, 1689, Alcester, WAR,ENG
DUCHET Didier, 197x, KEN,ENG
DUMBLETON Richard, 1786, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
EALES Jane, 1743, Baddesley Clinton, WAR,ENG
EDLER Ada M, 190x, PA,USA
EDMISTON, 190x, Johnstown, PA,USA
EDWARDS Katherine Muriel, 1906, Sydney, NSW,AUS
ELSMORE, Ada Elizabeth, 1898, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
ELVINS Benjamin, 1836, Morton Bagot, WAR,ENG
ETHELL Kate, 1886, Wichita, KS,USA
EVANS David Charles, 189x, ZAF(?)
EVANS Janis, 1975, WAR,ENG
FAULKS Ann, 1813, Ashow, WAR,ENG
FEISTER George, 186x, PA,USA
FEISTER John U, 186x, PA,USA
FELTON Ellen, 1882, LND,ENG
FERRIS Janet Anne, 1962, USA
FIDDIAN Alice May, 190x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
FIELD Mary Dora Elizabeth, 190x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
FIELD Mary, 1759, Ipsley, WAR,ENG
FISHER John, 1828, Camerton, CUL,ENG
FLETCHER Selina, 1860, Marston Sicca, GLS,ENG
FRANCIS Donald, 194x, WAR,ENG
FRANCIS Dorothy Maud, 195x, ESS,ENG
FRANCIS Mary, 1656, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
FREEMAN Emily Fanny, 1893, Aston, WAR,ENG
FREEMAN Emma, 1835, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
FREEMAN Emma, 1876, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
GALE Ann, 1742, Coughton, WAR,ENG
GARDNER Audrey, 194x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
GARDNER Hannah, 1768, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
GARRATT Ann, 180x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
GEDGE Christine Anne, 195x, KEN,ENG
GEDGE Olivia Margaret, 1949, KEN,ENG
GENDESS Martha, 183x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
GIBBS Ann, 1680, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
GIBBS George, 167x, WAR,ENG
GILES Gertrude May, 1912, Bristol, GLS,ENG
GINKS Mary, 1716, Alcester, WAR,ENG
GOLDER George W, 1880, PA,USA
GOODRIDGE Elizabeth, 1855, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
GOUDIE Robert, 190x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
GOULD Thomas, 1892, Marston Sicca, GLS,ENG
GRADY Jane, 1843, Lambeth, LND,ENG
GRAHAM Elinar, 179x, IRL
GREEN Elizabeth, 1793, Wootton Wawen, WAR,ENG
GREENE Alice, 1628, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
GRIFFITH Alice Elizabeth, 1920, USA
GRIFFITH, 190x, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
GULLEY Gina Carol, 198x, USA
GUY Thomas, 1854, Aston, WAR,ENG
HALEY, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
HALL Hannah Louisa, 1879, Marylebone, LND,ENG
HALPIN Francis, 195x, Hamilton, NY, USA
HALSTEAD Karen Janene, 195x, FL,USA
HALTON Jane, 1805, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HAMLIN Helen Jayne, 198x, ESS,ENG
HAMMOND Joyce Mable, 194x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
HANDS Reuben, 1860, Feckenham, WAR,ENG
HANKS Ellen, 1847, Studley, WAR,ENG
HARBRIDGE Thomas, 1796, Alcester, WAR,ENG
HARDING James J, 189x, PA,USA
HARDING Sarah, 1859, Sullivan Co, PA,USA
HARRIS Richard, 1847, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
HARRIS Susannah, 1859, Evesham, WOR,ENG
HARRISON Hannah, 1852, Lycoming Co, PA,USA
HARRISON Mary, 1822, Kings Norton, WOR,ENG
HARROD Thomas, 1809, WAR,ENG
HARTWELL Richard, 1840, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HATTON Jane, 1867, Bidford, WAR,ENG
HAWKES Mary, 1813, Morton Bagot, WAR,ENG
HAYNES Christian, 1621, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
HEARNE Mary Louise, 1880, Greensburg, IN,USA
HEDDON Beatrice Annie, 1919, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
HEMING Elizabeth, 1764, Alcester, WAR,ENG
HEMMING Elizabeth, 1724, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HEMMING George, 1841, GLS,ENG
HENDLEY Kitty Jean, 1946, Wolverhampton, STS,ENG
HEWES Francis(f), 1611, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HEWLETT, William, 187x, Aston, WAR,ENG
HICKS Mary Ann, 1887, Bromsgrove, WOR,ENG
HILL George, 186x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
HILL Joyce, 151x, WAR,ENG
HILL Mary, 1828, Alvechurch, WAR,ENG
HILTON Alice, 1825, Handsworth, WAR,ENG
HINDE Sarah, 1777, Dublin, DUB,IRL
HINKLEY Ruth, 192x, Hamilton, NY, USA
HIRD William, 195x, ENG
HIRON Millicent, 1782, Clifford Chambers, WAR,ENG
HOADLEY Eileen, 194x, WAR,ENG
HOBBINS Ursula, 1779, Alcester, WAR,ENG
HOFFMAN Jennie May, 192x, PA,USA
HOLLIS Sarah, 1817, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
HOPKINS Mary Ann, 1841, Edgbaston, WAR,ENG
HOUGHTON Elizabeth, 1838, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HOUGHTON William, 1846, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HOWELL Sarah, 1883, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HOWLETT Mary Angeline, 1863, Lycoming Co, PA,USA
HUEY Edwina Marion, 1867, Emerald Hill, VIC,AUS
HUEY Louisa Jane, 1868, VIC,AUS
HUGHES Amelia, 1895, Warwick, WAR,ENG
HUNT Alice, 1826, Alvechurch, WOR,ENG
HUNT Mary, 1861, Binton, WAR,ENG
HUNT Phoebe Emma, 1851, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
HURST Brenda, 197x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
HURST William, 187x, PA,USA
INGHAM Margaret, 195x, ENG
JACKSON Frances, 182x, Welford, GLS,ENG
JACQUES Elizabeth, 1886, Bradford-on-Avon, WRY,ENG
JAMES Elizabeth, 1755, Bristol, GLS,ENG
JEPHCOTT Richard, 192x, WAR,ENG
JOHNSON Bessie, 1910, Hamilton, NY,USA
JOHNSON Lela, 191x, PA,USA
JONES Thomas, 1773, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
JUDGE William, 179x, Coleshill, WAR,ENG
KECK Sarah, 1848, Marston Sicca, GLS,ENG
KERFOOT Louise, 194x, MB,CAN
KNIGHT James, 1849, Binton, WAR,ENG
KNIGHT Jane, 183x, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
KNOTT Delilah, 1816, Marston Sicca, GLS,ENG
KNOX-DAVIES Charles Norman, 1917, ZAF
KNOX Samuel, 1794, Dublin, DUB,IRL
KNOX Suzanna Jennifer, 197x, KEN,ENG
KONOPKA Chalotte, 195x, PA,USA
KRESS Doris, 1934, Johnstown, PA,USA
KREUTZBERGER Richard Rudolph Paul, 188x, LND,ENG
LAMOND James, 1902, NSW,AUS
LAUF William, 1930, USA
LAWE Joan, 1606, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
LAWRENCE Alice Eva, 1930, WAR,ENG
LAWRENCE Ruth, 1815, Camerton, CUL,ENG
LAYLON Dewitt, 189x, PA,USA
LAYLON Sara Jane, 1894, PA,USA
LEACH Ethel Olive, 190X, LND,ENG
LEASON Hannah, 1850, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
LESTER Hannah, 182x, Binton, WAR,ENG
LESTER Patience, 1834, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
LEWIS Elizabeth, 1835, Wootton Wawen, WAR,ENG
LEWIS Henry Buton, 190x, KS,USA
LEWIS Mary, 1821, Snitterfield, WAR,ENG
LEYTON Leslie, 1946, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
LINEKER Elizabeth Jemima Ann, 1850, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
LITTLE Daniel, 188x, PA,USA
LITTLE John Polhemus, 1848, Monroe Co, PA,USA
LITTLE John, 189x, PA,USA
LORD Brenda, 197x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
LYALL Helen, 1913, VIC,AUS
MANLEY Ann, 1825, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
MANN Thomas, 1755, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
MARKLE Chelta Loretta, 1918, Moosejaw, SK, CAN
MARKS Mary A, 187x, PA,USA
MARKS, 190x, Johnstown, PA,USA
MARKWARD Susan Rebecca, 190x, USA
MATTHEWS Lena, 1898, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
MCFARLANE James, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
MCKINNEY Bertha M, 1972, PA,USA
MEYERS Nicholas, 185x, Greensburg, IN,USA
MIDDLETON, Anne Margaret, 1891, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
MILLBURN Elizabeth, 1801, Workington, CUL,ENG
MILLER Charlotte, 1944, Johnstown, PA,USA
MILLS, 1814, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
MILNER Amelia, 1876, Kennington, LND,ENG
MILWARD Letitia, 1868, Feckenham, WAR,ENG
MINERS Sarah Ann, 1872, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
MOORBY Deborah, 1794, New York, NY,USA
MOORE Harriet Sarah, 1874, Soho, LND,ENG
MOORE Wallace, 189x, PA,USA
MORGAN Elizabeth (nee DODWELL), 1756, Dublin, DUB,IRL
MORRELL Elizabeth, 1852, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
MORRELL Henry, 1875, Studley, WAR,ENG
MORRIS Emma, 1867, Worcester, WOR,ENG
MOSQUAT Marcella, 194x, MB,CAN
MUNGER Samuel, 172x, WAR,ENG
MURRAY Alice, 1895, Mile End, LND,ENG
NEAL Sarah, 180x, WAR,ENG
NEAL William, 1828, WAR,ENG
NEALE Mary Ann, 1850, Milverton, WAR,ENG
NEEDHAM Norah, 191x, VIC,AUS
NEWMAN Elizabeth Diana, 186x, Binton, WAR,ENG
NIBB Martha, 1788, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
NICK Ruth, 1657, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
NICKE Timothy, 1656, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
NICKELS Fiona, 198x, Melbourne, VIC,AUS
O'MALLEY Margaret, 194x, MB,CAN
OLIVER Alexander Calder Halliday, 1853, Melbourne, VIC,AUS
PACK Grace Emily, 193x, LND,ENG
PAGE Arletta, 194x, PA,USA
PALMER Harriet, 1741, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
PALMER Joanna, 1809, Ulster Cty, NY,USA
PALMER, Sarah Ann, 1865, Bromsgrove, WOR,ENG
PARDOE Ellen, 1870, Edgbaston, WAR,ENG
PARKER William, 1938, NY,USA
PARKER William, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
PARSONS Ann, 1827, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
PARSONS Beatrice Helen, 194x, PA,USA
PARSONS Joseph, 1831, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
PATRICK Ann, 185x, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
PATRICK Elizabeth, 184x, ZA
PATTON Sara, 1889, West Derby, LAN,ENG
PEARSON Martha, 1747, IRL
PECK Gladys, 191x, ENG
PERKINS Emma Louisa, 1895, Walsall, STS,ENG
PERRY Leni, 1891, Greensburg, IN,USA
PHILLIPS Helen Christel Frances, 197X
PITHEY Alice May, 189x, ZA
PITT Mary, 1804, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
PITT Robert, 176x, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
PLUMB Hetty Louise, 1898, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
POAD Margaret, 190x, Johnstown, PA,USA
POINTER Alfred Charles, 191x, ON,CAN
POOL Joseph, 186x, Greensburg, IN,USA
POTTS Anne, 188x, LEI,ENG
POUST Raymond, 192x, PA,USA
PRICE Maudie, 188x, Greensburg, IN,USA
PULLEN Ann, 1847, Portland, NSW,AUS
PYE Sheila, 195x, ENG
RAGER Lemon, 190x, Johnstown, PA,USA
RANDOLPH Elizabeth, 1885, Greensburg, IN,USA
RATHBONE Alfreda Ethelwyn Steward, 1934, NZ
REDBURN Albert, 191x, WRY,ENG
REDBURN Albert, 191x, WRY,ENG
RICKARDS Samuel, 1809, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
RINE Iola Andrews, 193x, PA,USA
ROBBINS Thomas, 186x, PA,USA
ROBERTS Elizabeth, 1860, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
ROBERTS Elizabeth, 1918, WAR,ENG
ROBERTS Sarah Ann, 1895, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
ROBINSON Alice, 190x, Marston Sicca, GLS,ENG
ROBINSON Ellen Elizabeth, 1853, LND,ENG
ROLFE Sarah, 182x, LND,ENG
ROSE Mary Ann, 1853, Aston, WAR,ENG
ROSS Marie, 192x, Hamilton, NY, USA
ROWLANDS Robert, 1950, WAR,ENG
RULE Lucy Elizabeth, 1894, Rockhampton, QLD,AUS
RYALL Ellen, 1852, Providence, RI,USA
SABIN Samuel, 1771, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
SABIN Sarah, 1741, Tidmington, WAR,ENG
SALISBURY Caroline, 1871, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
SAMSON Jim, 190x, MB,CAN
SANDERS Rosa, 1898, PA,USA
SAUNDERS Lucy Ann, 1848, Bristol, GLS,ENG
SAVAGE Ann, 1792, Alcester, WAR,ENG
SEMPER Mary Ann, 1832, Bristol, GLS,ENG
SEWELL Marion, 1925, VIC,AUS
SHAKSPEARE Henry, 1838, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
SHARP Robert, 177x, Shipston-on-Stour, WOR,ENG
SHEPHERD Ada Alice Thornley, 1876, Bristol, GLS,ENG
SHEPPARD Elizabeth, 1841, Edgbaston, WAR,ENG
SHERVILL Marjorie Joyce, 1938
SHERWIN Elizabeth, 1872, West Bromwich, STS,ENG
SHUTTLEWORTH Mary, 1793, Packington, WAR,ENG
SIMCOX Mary, 184x, West Bromwich, STS,ENG =
SIMMS John, 1917, Delaware Cty, NY,USA
SLADE, Arthur Edwin, 1915, Melbourne, VIC,AUS
SMITH Ann, 1776, Snitterfield, WAR,ENG
SMITH Christopher, 162x, WAR,ENG
SMITH Jane, 186x, Welford, GLS,ENG
SMITH John, 171x, WAR,ENG
SMITH May, 189x, Sullivan Co, PA,USA
SNELGAR Karyn Magee, 199x, Melbourne, VIC,AUS
SNOW Mary Kathleen, 1951, USA
SOFFE Albert Stephen, 1870, St Dunstans, LND,ENG
SONER Anne, 1611, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
SONES Millie E, 1918, PA,USA
SPENCER Mary Ann, 1873, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
STEPHENS Mary Ann, 1841, Edgbaston, WAR,ENG
STEPHENS Mary Elizabeth, 182x, LND,ENG
STEPHENS William, 1856, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
STEPP Mary E, 188x, PA,USA
STEWARD Ann, 1786, Ipsley, WAR,ENG
STEWARD Susan, 197x, Bristol, GLS,ENG
STONE Phoebe, 1916, Wickham, NSW,AUS
STREET, Selina, 1897, Alcester, WAR,ENG
STRINGER Nellie, 191x, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
STYLES Jane, 1867, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
SUCH Charles, 1872, Studley, WAR,ENG
SWAIN Bessie, 189x, NY,USA
TARPLEE Joseph, 1825, WAR,ENG
TASKER Thomas, 1820, Arrow, WAR,ENG
TAWNEY Richard, 1799, Coleshill, WAR,ENG
TAYLOR Ann, 1733, Birmingham, WAR,ENG
TAYLOR Elizabeth, 1842, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
TAYLOR Frederick, 182x, PA,USA
TAYLOR James, 181x, PA,USA
TAYLOR Phebe, 1758, Halesowen, WOR,ENG
TAYLOR Sidney James, 1930, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
TEMPLE Ernest, 1911, PA,USA
TERWIN Edith Maria, 190x, ZA
THOMAS Frank, 189x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
THOMAS James Henry, 189x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
THOMAS Juliana (nee DONOVAN), 176x, IRL
THOMAS Priscilla, 186X, WAR,ENG
THOMPSON Frederick, 191x, ON,CAN
THORPE Elsie, 191x, KEN,ENG
TRACY Pearson Philip, 177x, Dublin, DUB,IRL
TURBILL Frances, 1811, Dumbleton, GLS,ENG
TURNER Hannah Sophia, 186x, SAL,ENG
TURNER Richard, 1747, Dublin, DUB,IRL
TURNER William, 1913, Broken Hill, NSW,AUS
TURRALL Ann, 1827, Kidderminster, WOR,ENG
TYSOE Hannah, 1830, Aston Cantlow, WAR,ENG
VOLKS Mary, 194x, MB,CAN
VROMAN Earl Daton, 192x, PA,USA
WAGSTAFF, Frederick, Toronto, ON,CAN
WALD Frank, 193x, Greensburg, IN,USA
WALLACE Ann, 1830, Workington, CUL,ENG
WALMSLEY Emily Eliza, 1882, Kings Norton, WOR,ENG
WALTERS Madeleine, 192x, PA,USA
WALTON Sarah, 1781, Haselor, WAR,ENG
WARD Mary Ann, 184x, Newport, SAL,ENG
WARREN Judith, 182x, PA,USA
WATERS Ann, 1812, Ebrington, GLS,ENG
WATTS Ellen, 189x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
WAYTE Jayne, 1890, Leamington Priors, WAR,ENG
WEBB Connie, 1993, Boise, ID,USA
WEBB Deborah, 1736, Dublin, DUB,IRL
WEBSTER John, 1795, New York, NY,USA
WEDGWOOD Robert, 184x, Bridgnorth, SAL,ENG
WEISS Daniel A, 1839, Monroe Co, PA,USA
WELLS John, 194x, Hamilton, NY, USA
WEST Mathilda Ann, 184x, ZA
WHEELER Alice, 1556, Wootton Wawen, WAR,ENG
WHISSEL Elizabeth, 1774, Alcester, WAR,ENG
WHITE Edwin, 185x, Greensburg, IN,USA
WHITE Letitia, 1815, Bidford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
WHITE Lucy Elizabeth Harrison, 1887, LND,ENG
WHITE Sarah, 1808, LND,ENG
WHITFORD Mary, 1821, Alcester, WAR,ENG
WILCOX, Sarah, 1833, Alrewas, STS,ENG
WILKINS Mary, 1667, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
WILKINSON Margaret, 1762, Lancaster, LAN,ENG
WILLIAMS Margaret, 1825, Liverpool, LAN,ENG
WILLMORE Rebecca, 185x, Feckenham, WAR,ENG
WINTER Paul, 1732, Dublin, DUB,IRL
WINTON Louisa, 181x, Bridgnorth, SAL,ENG
WOLF David Packwood, 1823, Ipsley, WAR,ENG
WOODFIELD John, 1825, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
WOODS William Gayed, 1771, Dublin, DUB,IRL
WYLLIS Mary, 1808, Stratford-on-Avon, WAR,ENG
WYNN William, 1810, WAR,ENG
YAPP Elizabeth Ann, 189x, Yardley, WOR,ENG
YARNICK Edith, 193x, Johnstown, PA,USA
YEAGLE Edward W, 190x, PA,USA
YOXALL Shadrach, 186x, Feckenham, WAR,ENG

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