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Pattern 491 - Le Pompe tape lace

Picture of lace

   Pattern of lace

Bobbins: 14 pairs

Style: Tape

   cloth stitch

   solid cloth stitch (red)
   twisted footside


Follow the links above for explanation of how to work the different parts of the lace.

There is an ancient lace pattern book called Le Pompe. Some patterns are quite simple (click here for some examples) but others look as if they are trying to reproduce needle lace.

Picture of Le Pompe pattern

I tried to reproduce part of the pattern, the wider items, but couldn't figure it. So I tried a simpler form (see pattern 488). This used sewings (joining a tape to itself using a crochet hook). This caused problems, so I tried a different technique (pattern 489), where there is more than one tape, so both can be worked at the same time, and so join more obviously. This worked, but looked clumsy, and there would be a limit on how many tapes you could fit within a pattern. But going back to the original pattern, I wondered if rather than a tape, I used a single passive pair, which left the tape at one point, and rejoined it later on. This was pattern 490. This was easy to work (if you can keep track of what isn't being used at the moment, and at what point it needs to be brought back into the tape again!) So I returned to the original pattern, and tried to produce something closer to it. Here is my attempt. It still looks different, but logically speaking, I think the connections are the same.

By this point, I got bored with picots! I replaced them by twisting the worker pair 6 times to go round various pins, to give a similar effect (much quicker!) You could replace these with picots if you want.

A larger version of the photo so you can see detail.

Picture of lace