Making an Android app

This is my own experience while learning how to write an Android app for a Fire Kindle using AndroidStudio in Windows. It is not intended to teach other people how to do so. But I am writing this in hope that other people might find some parts useful, and also, quite frankly, because I have a memory like a sieve, and need a look-up memorandum, even if I have to write it myself.

First things first - these only need to be done once
AndroidStudio - set up a new project (app) and look at what's there
General - including comments
Formatting the screen - input, output, style
Numbers - including random numbers
Multiple screens
Getting the code OK
Running the app
Upload the app to Amazon store

Sample programs:

Simple app using text - text display, input and output, click on button, calculation
Simple app using picture - picture display and output, click on picture
Simple app using animation - click on buttons to make picture do things
Simple app using drag and drop - move the star
Drag and drop inside a grid - move the pictures around
Convert weights
Wander through map of Birmingham - or any other large picture
Make a mosaic picture
Symmetry of letters
Triangle tessellations
Make a Celtic Knot
Make a more complex Celtic knot
Celtic Knot game
Celtic Knot Chaos
Decode a quote
River Flood
Explore historic mazes
Design a Greek key

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