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There are many technical terms in Minerology. Here are some of them, with examples.

Botryoidalshapelike a bunch of grapesMalachite, Hematite
Cleavage planebreakagehow a mineral breaksCalcite, Moonstone
Conchoidal fracturebreakagelike a shellObsidian, Flint
Crustpart of earthsurfacenearly all minerals
Crystalshapenatural regular shapeQuartz, Calcite
Dendritepatternlike a treeMoss Agate
Dichromaticoptical effecthaving two coloursKunzite
Double refractionoptical effectseeing two images through itIceland Spar
Erosiondeteriorationwearing awayLimestone
Formulachemistrywhat elements are in a mineralElements
Igneousoriginfrom fire (volcanic activity)Obsidian
Iridescentlooklike a rainbowPeacock ore
Lustrelookappearance of surfaceCopper, Barite, Jade
Mantlepart of earthbelow the surfaceOlivene
Massiveshapewithout crystalsCassiterite
Matrixdescription(usually boring) mineral enclosing different mineralDioptase
Metallic lustrelooklike a metalCopper
Metamorphicoriginchanged from a different mineralMarble
Mineraldescriptionhas a chemical formala, uniformmost of this website!
Oily lustrelooklike oilJade
Rockdescriptionmixture of mineralsRocks
Sedimentaryorigincreated from depositionLimestone, Sandstone
Specific Gravityweighthow heavy a mineral isGalena
Streakcolourcolour of mineral when scrapedAzurite, Jet
Striationslooklines on surfacePyrite, Tourmaline
Twinningshapetwo crystals joined togetherCerussite, Staurolite
Vitreous lustrelooklike glassBarite
Weatheringdeteriorationworn away by weatherSandstone