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Bobbin Lace patterns - Tape lace

Tape lace is made up of a bobbin lace tape which bends to make a shape, and is usually connected in some way to previously worked parts of the tape. At various times, I have done various experiments, or tried to solve various problems, and sometimes I seem to have come up with patterns which have a certain affinity with tape lace. I must emphasise that these are not 'proper' tape lace. But they don't really belong anywhere else. I have also tried to make some proper tape lace, figuring out how to do it by myself. So the solutions may not be conventional.

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Tape lace patterns

First attempt at tape lacePicture of lace

Fleur de Lys tape lacePicture of lace

Tape lace samplerPicture of lace

Roman maze (tape)Picture of lace

LeavesPicture of lace

Leaf with edgePicture of lace

Internal picot edgePicture of lace

Coloured internal picot edgePicture of lace

Triple picot edgePicture of lace

Triple picot edge 2Picture of lace

Other less conventional patterns

Butterfly (tape and filler)Picture of lace

Celtic knot using trailsPicture of lace

Celtic knot using trails another wayPicture of lace

Infinite matPicture of lace

MoonPicture of lace